[gcs-pcs-list] sample inline openurl

Daniel Chudnov daniel.chudnov at yale.edu
Thu Jan 6 16:52:25 EST 2005

To get the ball rolling some more on autodiscovery goodness, here's a 
sample inline openurl reference, generated by an sfx instance here at Yale.


This is pretty useful as-is.  Tweaking, shortening a bit and removing 
vendor- and holdings-specific stuff for brevity, it becomes:

   <item key="rec$sourceId">Entrez:PubMed</item>
   <item key="issue">6</item>
   <item key="articleTitle">[Individual outpatient care versus group 
education programs. Which leads to greater change in dietary and 
physical activity habits for obese children?]</item>
   <item key="startPage">468</item>
   <item key="ISSN">0021-7557</item>
   <item key="endPage">474</item>
   <item key="volume">80</item>
   <item key="Language"></item>
   <item key="genre">article</item>
   <item key="eISSN">0021-7557</item>
   <item key="journalTitle">JORNAL DE PEDIATRIA ORGAO OFICIAL</item>

I don't quite remember if this exactly matches the openurl spec but it 
could easily be made to.  Aside from this there so many options for 
fitting this into html source I'll just ignore much of that for now.  As 
for embedding this into a <link> tag, it seems we're limited by the spec:


...unless we reference a profile, or just stuff it into a <meta>.

That would all be well and good for a contemporary-resolver result 
screen, where its context object is just a singular object.  For a 
longer result set, a single meta tag could identify a GetRecord-able 
service location, and that same openurl above could just become:

<span class='openurl'>sid=Entrez:PubMed&amp;id=pmid:15622423</span>

...and CSS could turn off rendering or whatnot.  That way you could put 
multiple openurls on the page and external apps could route them through 
the service location specified in the meta tag as needed.

I'll stop there because that's a lot of stuff and we have several new 
members (and several old members who might not have bargained for this 
level of detail).  Does any of this start to click for anyone?

Btw, to other recent list-joiners... the seed of this list was a BoF at 
the recent DLF meeting in Baltimore, the topic of which was roughly 
"'Gather, Create, Share' systems for personal collections."  The first 
15-20 members were at that meeting and expressed an interest in tracking 
progress.  I've separately invited other folks to join in the discussion 
as this seemed a good place to start.  New members who haven't yet are 
hereby invited to say hi and give a blurb on what you've been working on 
in this area.  Or not. :)

That's the administrivia for the day, I hope it's still palatable to all.


Daniel Chudnov
Yale Center for Medical Informatics
(203) 737-5789

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